First time in Greenland

Visiting Greenland for the first time through the eyes of one of our guests.

Greenland, and many Greenlandic adventures are on the bucket list of our guests. So how do the expectations meet with reality after weeks of planning, packing and dreaming when visiting a piece of Greenland? We have had a chance to ask one of our guests visiting Greenland for the first time.

Unlike anything else in this world
What I can say for sure, is that no expectation or idea that I had beforehand, could compare to the completely unique and wonderful experiences I got” says Mads, a guest from Denmark that has visited us earlier this year. “Greenland is like no place other on this earth, and you really don’t get how beautiful it actually is, before you have seen it yourself.

“Now I know, how little I knew”

Mads, guest at Hotel SØMA, 2023

Mads has visited us in January 2023 and has joined our dog sledding tour and snowmobiling trip to the backcountry. He claims that it is both really easy and at the same time really hard to describe his feelings on visiting Greenland for the first time. “I can easily make an honest description with the word “amazing”, but that is no way near sufficient when it comes to putting the experience of Greenland and its nature into words. Since I got back from there I have been using the sentence; “Now I know, how little I knew”.

The power of nature
Vast and untouched Greenlandic nature is without a doubt one of the main reasons why our guests visit us. The nature is closely tied to many outdoor activities that people come here to pursue and the freedom they hope to find. When it comes to expectations before visiting Greenland, Mads adds that “even though videos and photographs can be beautiful and give an impression, they are nowhere near the greatness of actually seeing and being in the completely amazing widths and depths of Greenlandic nature.

Giving a piece of Greenland to our guests
I love to share my love for Greenland with the guests” says our Deputy Manager, Christina, that daily works with guests that are visiting Greenland for the first time and wish to experience something unique. “When people come to Greenland, it is often something that they have been thinking about for a while and to be a part of their travel is just something special.

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