Northern lights in Aasiaat

Greenland is a country of natural wonders, where the sun never sets in the summer and during the winter the sky is decorated with dancing lights, gently reflecting from the fresh snow.
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During the Arctic winter months, you are surrounded by total darkness. But suddenly – at first not very visible – you start to see more colours and shapes in the night sky. The aurora is dancing above Aasiaat from late September until April (even though we can not offer you a guarantee).

Duration: 2 hours 
Price: 325,-/ person 
Our guide takes you to one of the best places close to town to watch the northern lights dance. During this trip you will hear some of the Inuit legends regarding the northern lights, and you will get a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy under the dancing sky. 

Duration: 3 hours 
Price: 450,-/ person 
Let us explore the dark Arctic night together as our guide leads you into the backcountry of Aasiaat to experience the natural lights from snow, sky and of course – if we are lucky – the Aurora. We bring a hot drink for you to enjoy out on the ice. Please wear your warmest clothes and we will guide you through a unique frozen world underneath the stars.

The spectacular northern lights or Aurora Borealis is caused by collisions between the sun’s electrically charged particles and molecules and atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere at a height of approximately 100 km.A well-known Inuit legend relates that when the northern lights dance in the night sky, it means that the dead are playing football with a walrus skull. Also, you should not whistle when the northern lights are visible – the lights could reach down and pull you up.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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