Sea Safari in Nuuk

Take a sailing trip to Nuuk Fjord, booming with life in the summer months.


While Greenland is known for cold and hostile environment, the sea is booming with life, especially during summer months. Taking a sailing trip in Nuuk fjord is a fantastic experience. The fjord is second largest in the world and while sailing you can enjoy the spectacular view over floating icebergs and the colorful houses at the coastline of Nuuk.

We will sail around a waterfall flowing from the Sermitsiaq Glacier and you may see seals, sea birds and perhaps even the whales. Keep an eye on your guide as he is usually the first one to spot them. You may even hear their distinct sound when emerging to the seas surface to exhale and it is a sight you will never forget. 

Whales are very common in Greenland during the summer so the chances to spot them are good. Even without whales it is a spectacular experience during which you can take some fantastic photos.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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