Sailing in Sisimiut

Experience Greenland from the sea. Visit former villages, discover small islands or sail around the icebergs.


Greenland is just as exciting offshore as on the mainland. The sea is booming with life and our boats are a great way to access small islands or abandoned settlements. We have prepared two boat adventures for you to enjoy. If you are more interested in seeing marine life or try to catch a fish check out our Sea Safari or Fishing boat trips.

We operate with two local sailors who have been sailing for many years in Greenland. We offer you the possibility of choosing between sailing in an open boat or in a semi-closed boat with a small heated cabin, depending on your wishes and the availability of our partners.

Your safety is our priority – when sailing with us, you are ensured that all the safety gear is available onboard : life jacket, VHF radio, throwable flotation devices, visual distress devices , etc… All our tours of min. 2 hours include hot drinks and snacks/sandwiches

Assaqutaq – the ghost village
duration: 2 hours

Embark on a unique journey to the abandoned settlement of Assaqutaq, located on an island, 13 km east of Sisimiut. The last inhabitants moved from this place in 1969. Since then, the abandoned buildings which are still standing have become a place of many tales and stories of ghosts. After leaving Sisimiut´s harbour, you will sail on Amerloq fjord, along the picturesque Nasaasaaq mountain range. Around 30 minutes later, you will disembark on the island and can start exploring the old buildings. Your captain will be your guide, and will tell you all about this mysterious place. This tour is a great experience to enjoy the surroundings of Sisimiut by boat and get a feeling of how life used to be in these small settlements.

Sarfanguuit – the living UNESCO site
duration: 4 hours

Sarfanguuit is a small settlement located around 40 km south east of Sisimiut, at the end of Amerloq fjord. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site: Aasivissui-Nipisat. After leaving the harbour of Sisimiut, you will enter Amerloq fjord and sail along the picturesque Nasaasaaq mountain range. Your trip will bring you close to Assaqutaq, the abandoned settlement, before reaching the end of the fjord where the colourful fishing village of Sarfannguit is located. After docking in the small harbour, your captain will guide you through the hilly streets of Sarfannguit. Eventually, you will arrive at the iconic igloo sculpture that stands on the north shore of the village.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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