Dog sledding in Sisimiut

Travel the way Inuit did for hundreds of years. Let the dogs take you on a journey through spectacular Greenlandic nature.
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Our four-legged friends are ready to give you an experience of a lifetime. Greenlandic sled dogs know their way around the country better than any GPS system. One of local experienced mushers and his pack of dogs will take you on a journey through Sisimiut backcountry. As your sled runs through the Greenlandic winterland and your cheeks get red, you will get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when dog sledding was the only way of transportation on the mainland.
There are different versions of this trip between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the destination of your journey. The trip itself is an unforgettable experience and the magnificent scenery at its end is just a cherry on top.

2-hour dog sledding tour

We go in the direction of Niujarfik, which is a naturally sheltered stop before the tall mountains northeast of Sisimiut. This is the place where we will have a break to enjoy hot drinks and snacks before we go back home the same way. This is an easy trip with no big ascents or descents, but still gives a good feeling of dog sledding. Depending on weather conditions, another route may be chosen.

4-hour dog sledding tour

Our goal on this trip is to reach the Qiterlinguaq viewpoint and the unusually designed round cabin shaped like a UFO. Here we willhave a break with hot drinks and snacks and after we will go back home the same way. On this trip you will really experience what the dogs are capable of! We drive in a varied terrain and the musher will demonstrate his skills on several ascents and descents. Depending on weather conditions, another route may be chosen. This intense trip is not recommended to people with back problems.

6-hour dog sledding tour

During this breathtaking trip you get to experience Greenlandic nature from up close. First we will drive towards the Qiterlinnguaq viewpoint, overlooking Kangerluarsuk Tulleq -the famous First Fjord. Then we continue down the steep northern mountainside all the way down to the frozen fjord of Kangerluarsuk Tulleq. We encounter all kinds of terrains and landscapes on the way.It is a beautiful and thrilling experience, which will leave you in awe of the musher’s driving skills and the hard work of the sled dogs.During the trip we will have a well deserved break with enough time to enjoy coffee or hot chocolate and a packed lunch from Hotel SØMA. The trip is not recommended to people with back problems due to the intensity of the ride. Depending on weather conditions, another route may be chosen.


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