Cultural and historical town walk in Aasiaat

Learn about the life and traditions in Aasiaat.


Aasiaat is located on a small island and is part of a larger archipelago that runs along the southern part of the Disko Bay. It is Greenland’s fifth biggest town with approximately 3.000 citizens. Explore our colourful, authentic town with us or by yourself. 

Duration: 1-2 hour guided tour 
Price: DKK 260,- 
We will take you on a guided town walk around Aasiaat to see the main attractions and tell you stories from living here. This tour is a great way to get to know the town and find an inspiration for what more to explore in the area.

Duration: 1-2 hour guided tour 
Price: DKK 260,- 
Aasiaat offers a lot of artwork inspired by the Inuit culture and Greenlandic traditions. We will guide you through the town as we tell about the many wall paintings and sculptures. This tour is perfect for art & culture lovers. 

Price: Rental: Small toboggan for 24 hours: 25,-, large toboggan for 24 hours: 50,-
Toboggan trip: price on request
We also offer a trip with our guide, where we bring some hot chocolate or coffee for you and your family. On this trip we show you some of the best hills to slide down along depending on your group size, age, and courage.

We recommend: Remember to bring several layers of warm clothing if you are booking one of our town walk tours during the winter.


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 12 - 70


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 2 - 11

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