Icefjord Cruise

Set sail among the glorious icy giants.
© Erick Lee, Visit Greenland


You can not visit Ilulissat without setting sail on an expedition among the icebergs in the famous UNESCO icefjord. Every year, more than 48 km3 of ice runs down from the icebergs to Ilulissat icefjord. It is almost impossible to imagine that amount of ice which results in enormous icebergs quietly floating in the water, sometimes reaching over 100 meters above the sea level.

The icebergs are beautiful as they glitter in the sun, reflect its light and show many beautiful colors. The spectacular view over these icebergs is iconic for Ilulissat and is the main reason why people keep coming back. This sailing expedition is a treat for every nature and photography lover.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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