Hiking in Sisimiut

Hiking in Greenland is to immerse in nature and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of mountains and icebergs. Explore many wonderful places with freshly brewed coffee in your backpack.


Hiking in Greenland is to immerse in nature and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of mountains and icebergs. Explore many wonderful places with freshly brewed coffee in your backpack.

 If you are an experienced hiker, Sisimiut is the right place for you. The town is surrounded by high mountains and good path systems. There are peaks to climb, magnificent panoramic views to look for and fresh springs to refresh yourself in. Our guide in Sisimiut will take you or your group for the perfect hiking trip, whether you are looking for a shorter, easier path or a more challenging experience. 

Once your tour has been booked, it will not be cancelled.
Our guides are educated to safely guide you through arctic terrain.

Palasip Quaqqa
duration: 3 hours

2 people – 480 Dkk pr pers.
3-6 pers. – 340 Dkk pr pers.

If you love hiking and seeing the world from up high, we particularly recommend the tour to Præstefjeldet (Palasip Qaqqaa ). This 544 meters tall mountain is located next to the airport and gives you a great view of the sea and the city.This hike is one of the classic day hikes and definitely rewarding. We drive to the starting point, walk up a valley, then climb a few steeper hills before reaching a plateau leading to a small shelter. After a brief break, the trail once again climbs steeply up the side of the mountain until the top. We will have hot drinks and snacks at the summit to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view, before heading back the same way.

The hike is considered medium and demands a good fitness level.

Assaqutaq trail – boat transfer and hike
duration: transfer: 30 minutes, hike: 5-6 hours
2 people – 1680 Dkk pr pers.
3-6 pers. – 1240 Dkk pr pers.

What is better than combining a sailing tour followed by a hike along the coast ? After 30 minutes sailing, we will disembark on an island where is located the ghost village of Assaqutaq, located 10 kilometres east of Sisimiut. Your guide will take you on a tour among the empty houses and tell you the story of the abandonned village and its people. After visiting the village, a bridge will bring us back on the main land where we will start hiking back toward Sisimiut.

Assaqutaq abandonned village

Nasaasaaq peak
duration: 5-6 hours

2 people – 900 Dkk pr pers.
3 pers. – 640 Dkk pr pers.
4-6 pers. – 510 Dkk pr pers.

The pyramidal peak of Nasaasaaq is a Sisimiut icon, the name translates to “little hat”. We drive to the dogs town and start the hike on an easy trail. After a steeper section, we reach a plateau that leads directly to the summit pyramid. The narrow top is reached through the steep ridge which is secured by ropes in two vertical sections. From the 784 m summit, you will enjoy an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of Sisimiut, Palasip Qaqqaa, the ocean to the west, and the immense backcountry of the Qeqqata Kommunia, filled with lakes, valleys, glaciers and mountains to the north and east.

The hike is considered medium-hard and demands a good fitness level and confidence in steep terrain.

UFO Overnight
duration: 2 days, 1 night

2 people – 3300 Dkk pr pers.
3-4 pers.– 2320 Dkk pr pers.
5-6 pers. – 1830 Dkk pr pers

Wait… What? A real UFO? Don’t worry, it’s just a quirky-looking cabin located in the mountains by the fjord. This is a genuine Arctic adventure in the wilderness – only us and the vast landscape. We will start this 12 km hike by walking from the dogs town and through a valley between two mountain ridges. Further north we will begin our ascent to the flat top of the hill and straight to the cabin. Once inside, we will prepare our hot meal and have time to relax and take photos of the first fjord and the mind-blowing surroundings. After a night in a sleeping bag, we’ll prepare a good breakfast and make our way back to the city.


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  • Age 12 - 70


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  • Age 2 - 11

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