Dog sledding in Aasiaat

Travel the way Inuit did for hundreds of years. Let the dogs take you on a journey around Disko Bay.


 The dog sled has been the primary mean of transportation during Greenlandic winters for centuries and is still a big part of Greenlandic way of living today. Try it for yourself! The raw Arctic nature and the incredible cooperation between the musher and his dogs is a breathtaking experience. 

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 1800,-/person
We cross the island of Aasiaat and if possible drive onto the sea ice. Depending on weather conditions, another route may be chosen, but either way it is a unique experience with few ascents and descents. 

Duration: 1 hour
Price: 350,-/person
Meet the special sled dogs, participate in the feeding, and learn more about the bond between musher and the working animals. You might also get a chance to pet the dogs, but please do not approach the dogs until you have permission from the musher.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 2700,-/person
On this extraordinary trip you get to experience Greenlandic nature up close together with musher and dogs. You get a unique experience with a trip on the frozen fjords behind Aasiaat. This tour is only available when our experienced mushers let us know that the sea ice is safe. 


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 12 - 70


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 2 - 11

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