Culture of Sisimiut

Explore the secrets of Sisimiut, visit the museum, go crowberry-picking or meet greenlandic sled dogs.
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Experience the culture of this second biggest Greenlandic town and discover its charm, history and place in the modern era. Sisimiut is located in the Arctic Circle region and its culture is just as worth exploring as its wonderful nature.

Guided city tour
Duration: 2 hours

Sisimiut is “the jewelry of the coast” as almost every Sisimiormiutter (the local people of Sisimiut) calls their hometown. Everyone feels their city is the best one in Greenland and the local guide will be more than happy to share with you their knowledge of their town, its history, its people stories, its quirks and other things only locals know about. Follow our local guide for a historical walk around the city. You will walk around the most known landmarks and serve coffee and snacks at the best viewpoint. In the summertime we also offer trips to old inuit settlements originating from Saqqaq-culture, about 4000 years ago.

Walk in the steps of Sisimiut ancestors
Duration: 2 hours

This lovely little island, called Sallinguit in Greenlandic or Tele Island in English, is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It hosts the oldest remains of human existence not only in the area of Sisimiut, but in all of Greenland, dating back as far as 4500 years. During this easy hike, we will follow a historic route and see old peat houses and stone graves. On the hike, you will have the ocean on one side and a panorama of the city on the other side.

Crowberry picking
Duration: 2 hours

Tasty Greenlandic black crowberries are a popular ingredient in many Greenlandic cakes and desserts and they are quite easy to find in nature. On this tour we are heading towards a beautiful waterfall in the backcountry of Sisimiut while picking black crowberries on the walk. After the trip you will be served a crowberry dessert made by our chef  – a true nordic speciality.

Meet a Greenlandic dog
Duration: 1 hour

The powerful sled dog is a national icon of Greenland. The sled dogs are only to be found in towns North of the Arctic Circle and are still an important part of the Greenlandic culture – as it has been for the past 4000 years. Meet the sled dogs and learn about the bond between a musher and his dogs and their way of communication. Our guide will tell you how to behave around the dogs and which ones can be pet.


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