Culture of Greenland

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Understand the destination you are visiting. Explore the traditional and modern side of Greenlandic towns. All our arctic locations are set in beautiful natural scenery and the streets have many stories to tell.

Hotel SØMA is one of the biggest hotel chains in Greenland with hotels in four fantastic destinations on the western coast. Greenland is a country many know for dog sledding, sea safari or northern lights watching. We believe that exploring and understanding the destination you visit means better understanding Greenland as a whole. That is why we offer guided city walks in all four destinations: Nuuk, Sisimiut, Aasiaat and Ilulissat. These towns have many stories to tell and you will leave with a better understanding of a piece of Greenland.

“Now I know, how little I knew”

Mads, guest at Hotel SØMA, 2023

Culture of Nuuk

Take a journey through the heat of Greenlandic nation – Nuuk. You will discover the historical colonial town, Nuuk University, Annaassisitta Oqaluffia cathedral and much more. You will also visit the award winning cultural centre Katuaq and see the Mother of the Sea statue that is watching over Nuuk.

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Culture of Sisimiut

Discover Sisimiut, town in the Arctic Circle region also known as the Jewelry of the coast. Your local guide will share many stories of the town and its people. What is more, during summer it is also possible to supplement the city walk with a visit to an old inuit settlement, crowberry picking trip or a visit to the dog down and meeting Greenlandic sled dogs.

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Culture of Aasiaat

Explore the authentic Greenland in Aasiaat, small town on the shores of Disko Bay where many locals still live of fishing. Here you can find out more about history of kayaking in the local museum. Aasiaat has also an unexpected artistic side. In the Community Hall you can see paintings of the danish artist Per Kirkeby and when walking through the town you will discover many beautiful wall paintings inspired by the local life and culture.

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Culture of Ilulissat

Ilulissat needs no introducing. Many people know it for the fantastic scenery of the icefjord with giant floating icebergs. When exploring Ilulissat you will visit ‘brættet’ the place where local fishermen sell their catch of the day. You will also stop by the wooden Zion church and the home of the famous explorer, Knud Rasmussen.

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