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Experience Greenland

Your arctic adventure begins even before you step out of the door

Photo by: Norris Nimann, Visit Greenland

Explore the biggest national park on earth

Dive into ancient history. Meet culture unlike any other. Experience the thrill of adventure with the first pull of the dog sledge. Feel, taste and experience Greenland!

Arctic spa



Greenlandic wilderness

© Chris B. Lee, Visit Greenland
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Your arctic adventure starts even before you step out of the door. We have carefully selected a range of experiences to show you our piece of Greenland, its stunning nature and culture.

Traditional and modern

Meet traditional inuit culture to understand how modern Greenland is shaped. Join our guided city walks, to experience and understand the historical and modern side of our destinations.

© Mads Phil, Visit Greenland
© Matthew Littlewood - Visit Greenland
© Matthew Littlewood - Visit Greenland

The magic of nature

You are entering the land of untouched nature where stunning scenery surrounds every settlement. Our summer days are never ending under the midnight sun and our winthers are lit by dancing northern lights reflected on the fresh snow. Read about our Greenlandic adventures.

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Colors of Greenland

Experience the stunning untouched nature and the culture that has developed over the past thousands of years. Find out what adventure best fits you here:

Meet Greenland

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