Cross country skiing in Aasiaat

Experience a piece of Greenland on ski.


The frozen lakes and relatively small hills on Aasiaat make the perfect winter landscape for an active day. What could be better than to be out there experiencing it from a pair of cross country skis?

Level: beginner 
Duration: 2 hours 
Price: 450,-/ person 
Our guide provides you with the needed equipment and together you go to the cross country ski tracks. They are located on one of the frozen lakes in Aasiaat, and here you get to try your hand at this special art of skiing.

Level: intermediate/ experienced 
Duration: 4 hours 
Price: 750,-/ person 
After finding the right boots for you, our guide takes you to the cross country ski tracks behind the town. From there you will explore first the tracks and then the back country more freely making your own tracks. The guide will bring some hot chocolate for you to enjoy when you find the perfect view for a break.

Price: 360,-/ person for 24 hours or 1200,-/person for 1 week
We guide you to a great experience in the reception, and then you have all day to get to know the beautiful island of Aasiaat on your own.


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 12 - 70


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 2 - 11

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