Discovering Ilulissat

First hand impressions from the land of ice.

Welcome to Ilulissat, a small town that lies nestled in the embrace of Greenland’s icy beauty.
Join us as we explore the first impressions of Adela, our Junior Manager at Hotel SØMA Ilulissat, who has moved to Ilulissat last summer.

The Majesty of Icebergs and Local Warmth

Ilulissat, the small town with a big heart. That’s the easiest description of this spectacular place where your coldest dreams can easily come true,” begins Adela. The colossal icebergs, guardians of Ilulissat, dominate the skyline and are a constant reminder of nature’s might and power. Yet, it is simply the “smiles from the locals” that truly encapsulate the town’s essence, offering a warm welcome that contrasts sharply with the cold landscape.

Experiencing Ilulissat

Ilulissat’s untouched beauty offers endless possibilities for exploration. Whether it’s kayaking through ice-laden waters or hiking through the rugged backcountry, each activity offers a unique perspective on this pristine environment. The local life, with its simplicity and adherence to tradition, adds another layer to the Ilulissat experience.

Ilulissat’s seasons paint a picture of varied adventures. Summer invites self-guided explorations of nature’s bounty, while winter recommends the guidance of locals through activities like dogsledding, an authentic experience that connects humans, animals, and the natural world in the purest form.


Who says Greenland is not green?

Ilulissat is also place of the strong contrasts. In summer your mind is blown by green fields with thousands of flowers, mushrooms, berries and polar foxes running around the hills.
– Adela, Junior Manager at Hotel SØMA Ilulissat

UNESCO’s Crown Jewel: The Icefjord

The Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is what most people come to see and experience, and for a good reason. From the silent majesty of winter’s frozen expanse to the dynamic beauty of summer’s iceberg-filled waters, it’s a place that showcases the Earth’s power. “You will never notice how small you are until you stand in front of a big piece of ice,” Adela reflects, highlighting the first experience from sailing in the Icefjord.

The Icefjord Center: A Modern Glimpse into Arctic History

The Icefjord Center stands as a beacon of modernity, offering visitors a blend of history and adventure. “Not just a casual museum,” as Adela puts it, this center brings the Arctic’s story to life, supported by breathtaking views that no picture can do justice.


Ilulissat: A Testament to Life’s Simplicity and Beauty

Every day of the year is specific, never the same and every time amazing in a different way.
– Adela, Junior Manager at Hotel SØMA Ilulissat

Visit us in Ilulissat to experience this breathtaking and majestic place first hand. Hotel SØMA Ilulissat will be a warm, temporary home for you in the cold landscape.
See you in Ilulissat!

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