A Glimpse into Life at HOTEL SØMA Aasiaat’s Cafeteria


At HOTEL SØMA Aasiaat, our team’s dedication and passion are key to creating a memorable experience for our guests. Today, we are sharing insights from Kristina, our cafeteria trainee and a cherished member of our team, who brings her unique perspective and warmth to our hotel. Originally from Greenland, Kristina has also spent time living in Denmark. Her journey with us is not just about work; it is about growth, learning, and embracing new challenges.

A Passion for Cooking
Kristina’s love for cooking has been a constant in her life. Her experiences in various kitchens have nurtured her skills and allowed her to explore the culinary arts in diverse settings. She was inspired to work in our cafeteria as we serve a variety of cold and warm dishes which gives an opportunity to learn and explore.

Embracing Education and Growth Kristina’s decision to join our cafeteria in Aasiaat was inspired by the possibility to learn more as we serve a wide variety of cold and warm dishes. Feeling inspired to further her education, she enrolled in a program to become a nutrition assistant (ernæringsassistent) in Narsaq and thus become our trainee in Aasiaat. She has embraced this challenge and enjoys to learn about the nutritional values of a meal or about the process of cooking for many guests at once.

To those considering work in Greenland, Kristina says that both work and life here is fun, beautiful and more calm than Denmark. Here you can truly feel the sense of a community where people are somehow closer to one another and the work life is less stressful.

The Essence of Work Culture
The work environment in our cafeteria is something Kristina cherishes. For her, it is a place of friendship and support, where team members share meals, engage in meaningful conversations, and collaboratively solve any challenges. This sense of community is what makes working at HOTEL SØMA special.

Enjoying Life in Aasiaat
Outside of work, Kristina enjoys the serene beauty of Aasiaat. She values spending time with family and friends, taking long walks in the great outdoors with her dog, and partaking in activities like sailing, particularly during the summertime.

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