SØMA pillugu oqaluttuat

Kalaallit Nunaata ilaani misigisassat kingullersaat

Nutaarsiassaq kingulleq


Kalaallit Nunaata ilaani sumiiffigisatsinni misigisassat isusisassaanngillat. Nuummi, Sisimiuni, Aasianni Ilulissanilu nutaarsiassat takukkit angalanissannullu tullermut isumassarsiorlutit.

A Glimpse into Life at HOTEL SØMA Aasiaat’s Cafeteria

At HOTEL SØMA Aasiaat, our team’s dedication and passion are key to creating a memorable experience for our guests. Today, we are sharing insights from Kristina, our cafeteria trainee and a cherished member of our team, who brings her unique perspective and warmth to our hotel. Originally from Greenland, Kristina…
City walk

Culture of Greenland

Understand the destination you are visiting. Explore the traditional and modern side of Greenlandic towns. All our arctic locations are set in beautiful natural scenery and the streets have many stories to tell.

Aasiaat Summer Restaurant – a success story

Summer restaurant in Aasiaat was a succes due to positive guests, flexible staff and cooperation This summer, Hotel SØMA in Aasiaat opened its doors to a summer restaurant where hotel guests, visitors and locals have been able to enjoy a gourmet experience built on Greenlandic ingredients. One of our hotel’s…

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