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Talent Development Program

Three years of learning and hands-on experience in the arctic

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SØMA Evolution

3-year management program

Providing our guests with memorable adventures from our piece of Greenland is only possible thanks to our fantastic team and many motivated individuals. We wish to invest in talented individuals in our industry to help them develop and learn.
That is the essence of our SØMA Talent Development Program that is designed for the middle management of our hotels. 

Junior Manager

2 years

Deputy Manager

1 year

Hotel Manager

After 3 years

© Norris Nimann


The talent development program aims to provide the employee with all the tools and necessary knowledge to become a future manager at Hotel SØMA.


The talent development program offers both practise and theory spread over 3 years with the intention of training an unexperienced employee for different manager positions to ultimately reach the position of a Hotel Manager.


The talent development program mainly targets unexperienced employees with the profile of a future manager who, however, does not yet have professional experience or a diploma in this field. The talented individual is selected by the management.

Program objectives

1.  Get confident in the manager position

2.  Get the right skills to fulfill the position

3.  Be prepared for organizational dilemmas that   interferes with your integrity

4.  Learn about self-reflection

5.  Learn about effective communication

6.  Learn conflict management

7.  Learn to drive and manage change

8.  Learn time and task prioritizing

9.  Be confident in innovative and creative processes

10.  Learning about mentoring and coaching – learn about motivation

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Timeline & learning plan

The employee enrolled in our talent development program begins with learning about daily operations and administration, only to gradually progress to more strategic aspects. The final year focuses on leadership, innovation and solution implementation. This comprehensive approach ensures they emerge as skilled professionals, ready to excel in the hospitality industry.

Junior Manager

3.-9. month

Daily tasks and administration. Personality test and feedback. Learning the booking system.

9. month

Leadership in praxis. Running team meeting. Hiring independently.

9.-15. month

Work exchange to one of our hotels in Greenland or Denmark.

15.-21. month

Human resource management. Running monthly meetings. Developing and executing new work routines.

21.-24. month

Organisational psychology. Training a new Junior Manager.

Deputy Manager

21.-27. month

Representing Hotel SØMA abroad. Planning and participating on travel trades.

27.-30. month

Leadership and project management.

27.-33. month

Stepping in the role as Hotel Manager. Implementing new projects. Taking part in conferences.

Hotel Manager

33. month


Success stories

See how our talent development program works in praxis. 

Story of Junior Manager

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Story of Deputy Manager

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