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Neriniartarfik SØMA Nuuk

Kalaallit Nunaata ilamernga Nuummi neriniartarfitsinni misiliguk.

Neriniartarfik SØMA - Nuuk

Kalaallit Nunaata ilamernganik misiliigit.

Restaurant SØMA in Nuuk is a great place to visit whether it is to celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy a regular wednesday evening. Here, everyone is welcome, whether it is just for a cup of coffee and a piece of fresh pastry baked by your own baker, a nice chat or a meal in our restaurant. 

It is an absolute must-try when in Nuuk. We hope to see you soon!

Monday-Sunday 11:30-21:00

À la carte menu

Wednesday - Saturday 17:00-21:00

Gourmet Menu

Wine & drinks

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Marinevej 3, 3900 Nuuk

Neriniartarfiup ammasarfii:
17:00 - 21:00
Café opening hours:
08:00 - 21:00

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Venligst kontakt os såfremt i ønsker at booke til mere end 10 gæster. Tlf: 32 10 29

Upcoming restaurant events

Explore a piece of Greenland with our upcoming restaurant events at Hotel SØMA, featuring authentic flavors and unique culinary experiences that bring the essence of the Arctic to your table.

The concept

Our concept called ‘Tasting a piece of Greenland’ allows you to choose between two to five courses from our menu. This way you can design your own gourmet experience. Take a peak in our seasonal menu and book your table today.

Our guests say:

"The staff are so friendly and ready to help with whatever you need. Beds are so comfortable that I had the best sleep. Restaurant has outstanding food."


Meet Chef Jacob:

Creative mind behind our menu

Chef Jacob is daily working as the executive chef of Hotel SØMA, based in Nuuk.

He is an educated chef from Hotel Vejlefjord in Denmark with years of experience in different kind of gastronomy levels. In 2022 has Jacob made dinner for the newly crowned king of Denmark – H.K.H Kong Frederik X.

In 2023 has Jacob decided to take the arctic adventure and combine his experience with Greenlandic ingredients.

Book your culinary experience

"*" pinngitsoorani immersugassat

Request for: Restaurant SØMA Nuuk
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Venligst kontakt os såfremt i ønsker at booke til mere end 10 gæster. Tlf: 32 10 29

À la carte Menu

Kalaallit Nunaata ilamernganik misiliigit.

Choose 2-5 courses to design your own gourmet experience.

Gourmet menu: 5 courses 795,-
2 courses: 349,-
3 courses: 495,-
4 courses: 639,-

Aasaanerani nerisassat

Suitable for 2 persons. The chefs choice of snacks with a bottle of champagne


Wine paired by your personal waiter for your gourmet experience 2 glasses 228,- 3 glasses 339,- 4 glasses 425,- 5 glasses 495,-


Mazarin cake – strawberry mousse – strawberry sorbet – chocolate

Panna cotta with buttermilk – vanilla – forestberries – caramel

3 kinds of danish Unika cheese – crispy bread – olive tapenade – compote of berries


Fried scallop – pickled asparagus- fish roe – asparagus sauce – dill

Cured caribou
Horseradish mayonnaise – jerusalem artichoke chips – lingonberries gel – apples

Stirred smoked fish
Local fish – sauce tartar- fried bread – radish – gooseberries


Local fish
Butter steamed local fish – battered cauliflower with lime – cauliflower foam – hazelnuts and herb salad

Lamb of Narsaq
Braised lambshank – corn sauté with shallots – celeriac with tarragon – trufflesauce

Musk ox
Musk ox ragout in vol au vent – celeriac & carrots – pickled onions – blackberries – rehydrated morels in cognac

Wine & drinks


Wine of the house
Nik weis, Riesling, Urban
Mosel, Germany, 2022
Bottle 459,- Glass 98,-

Famille hugel, Pinot gris
Alsace, France 2020
Bottle 525,- Glass 98,-

Château Des Jacques, Clos de Loyse
Chardonnay, Beaujolais, France, 2022
Bottle 599,-

Domaine Ozil, Rochette ØKO
Grenache Blanc, Ardeche, France
Bottle 625,-


Wine of the house
Pertinace, Langhe Nebbiolo
Piemonte, Italy, 2021
Bottle 459,-, Glass 98,-

Chateau Croix de Labrie, Camille
Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, Bordeaux
France, 2018
Bottle 599,-

Castello di Bolgheri, Varvara
Merlot, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot
Toscana, Italy, 2020
Bottle 799,-


Walnut Brown Oloroso, Sherry
Solera, Spain
Bottle 565,- Glass 98,-

Ribes nigrum 2020
Fyn, Denmark
Bottle 599,- Glass 98,-


Aqisseq ”Kölsch”
Qajaq Greenland, 330 ml – 4%

Umimmak “Dunkel”
Qajaq Greenland, 330 ml – 5%

Ukaleq ”Maibock”
Qajaq Greenland, 330 ml – 7%

Tulugaq ”Stout”
Qajaq Greenland, 330 ml – 5%

Qajaq Greenland, 330 ml – 5%

Tuborg, 330ml – 4,6%

Tuborg, 330ml – 4,6%

1664 Blanc and Alk. Fri
Kronenburg, 330ml – 4,6% and 0%


Coca Cola & Zero, Faxe Kondi & Free,  Pepsi Max, Squash, Schweppes, Dansk vand, Citrus
330 ml  / 40,-

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