Hotel SØMA

Cancellation Policy

Flexibility for your arctic adventures.

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Change of plans?

When booking directly with Hotel SØMA, you always have the most flexible cancellation policy.

This means that you can cancel your booking up until 16:00 on the day before your scheduled arrival.
Also, we are always more than happy to help with any changes to your reservation. Reach out to the hotel of your reservation and let us know your request.

For larger travel groups and business conferences, read the terms through the links below.


Marinevej 3
3900 Nuuk
(+299) 32 10 29


Sammiarneq 9
3950 Aasiaat
(+299) 89 27 11


Frederik den IX’s Plads
3911 Sisimiut
(+299) 86 41 50


Nuussuattaap Aqq. 2
3952 Ilulissat
(+299) 94 40 02

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