Snow shoeing

Experience backcountry at and on your feet.


A wise man once said that if you can walk, you can also try snowshoeing. It’s truly incredible how much easier it is to explore the snow-covered land with snowshoes on your feet. Your bodyweight is spread evenly on the surface which allows you to walk effortlessly even in deep snow. In Sisimiut we are lucky to have  a great backcountry, so the possibilities are endless. Enough of words, see it for yourself!

Snowshoeing to Teleøen

This lovely little island, called Sallinguit in Greenlandic or TeleIsland in English, is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It hosts the oldest remains of human existence not only in the area of Sisimiut, but also in whole Greenland, dating back as far as 4500 years. During this easy hike, we will follow a historic route and see old peat houses and stonegraves. Being on the Tele Island gives us a great opportunity to see the frozen ocean on one side and a panorama of the city on the other side.

Snowshoeing to Præstefjeldet

If you love hiking and seeing the world from up high, we particularly recommend the tour to Præstefjeldet (Palasip Qaqqaa inGreenlandic). This 544 meters tall mountain is located just next to the airport and gives you a great view of the frozen sea and the city. This hike is a bit more challenging,but definitely rewarding. We drive to the starting point, walk up a valley, then climb a few steeper hills and finally relax on a plateau leading to a small shelter, built by students a few years back. We will have our hot drinks and snacks there to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view, before we headback the same way

UFO Overnight

Wait… What? A real UFO? Do not worry, it’s just a quirky-looking cabin located in the mountains by the fjord. This is a genuine arctic adventure in the wilderness – only us and the vast winter landscape. We will start this 12 km hike by walking from the dog town and through a valley between two mountain ridges. Further north, we will begin our ascent to the flat top of the hill and straight to the cabin. Once inside, we will prepareour hot meal and have time to relax and take photos of the frozen fjord and the mountains. After a night in a sleeping bag, we will prepare a hearty breakfast and make our way down to the city.


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