Snow shoeing in Aasiaat

Explore the snow covered Disko island.


During winter time, the sea around Aasiaat freezes solid, which makes you feel as if the island has gotten bigger. This brings new possibilities for you to explore the back country. Luckily, we have just the way to explore large snow covered areas easily – snowshoeing. 

Price: 150,-/ person for 24 hours 
Try one of our hiking routes or climb up the cliffs with the possibility to walk across deep snow without sinking in.
Our snowshoes are a fun and different way to take a walk during winter.

Duration: 3 hours 
Price: 450,-/ person 
Do you want to know more about our back country and how winter life in Aasiaat feels like? Book a guided hiking trip to feel the snow and ice under your feet and get spectacular views across the frozen fjords – with or without snowhoes, as you prefer. We offer a cup of hot chocolate for our break.

Even though the route markings are buried in snow, hiking on most of the island of Aasiaat is accssessible due to the frozen lakes from late January until April. We provide you with a map of the island and will happily guide you to the best trips as well as inform you about safety and what to wear.


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 12 - 70


$Ask for price/per person
  • Age 2 - 11

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